“I have a cruel sense of humor and keep writing such articles. Some readers take it seriously. THIS IS A SARCASTIC ARTICLE. DO NOT TRY IT OUT. PLEASE”

This fantastic career option that I am talking about is making a career as a Forex Trader. Why before you make that move you could even be a F n O trader!

Here is the offer I keep getting:

Make a fantastic career as a Fx trader:

– Did you know the average income of a Fx trader in Goldman Sachs is US $ 345,000.

-You can restrict the loss to 1% of the amount, but can leverage up to 100 times your contribution!

– You can convert your Idle time to Cash flow

– Profits are tax free under the current tax laws!

– So many people are doing it, why not u!



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  1. 🙂
    Nice eye opener …
    If all these were this easy and assured money making.. why should all corporates spend money to built empire .. they can just take 100s of computers and do trading and make money over money without giving any tax…. one should think in these lines as well….

  2. I have seen ads for this on different finance sites. They make it look so easy – some guy will say that I have quit my day job because I can make multiples of my old salary via forex trading.

  3. Hello Subra,
    Really???? I have seen many Ads but I will straight away reject them and I do not bother about it..But when the word comes from a Financial Gem like you.. then i Have to think about it. I am a professonal guy working in Telecom Dept. I hope i can do that. Please provide more articles regarding this..All this blog readers may get benifitted as Most of them have very less idea about FX I hope.

  4. they do in printing & sub broker houses of Indian broker do such kind of ads by mouth.

    intention is ” they want to say easy money there just grab how much u can”. Remember friends easy money is hard to grab.

  5. Even better are the photos used in such online ads. When in India, you see photos of young Indian men/women. When in the US, you see photos of young American men/women.

    There’s still something to be learned though. The Art of Online Marketing. 🙂

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