1. Consolidate, Consolidate & Consolidate. 1 Bank acct, 4-5 MFs Max, 1 or max 2 term insurance, Strictly No ULIPs, No stocks if you dont understand them. Write down Subra sir’s advise and apply maniacal focus to implement it.

  2. As Subra mentioned, select two good fund houses like HDFC and Franklin templeton and select two schemes and invest in it.

    Following are some points I could think of:
    Avoid exposure to individual stocks, so better get out of stocks and invest it through Mutual funds (Diversified MF, not sector based).

    Since you already have term insurance can continue it and I think no need to extend it, unless there is a compelling need to help any dependents you have. Even for tax saving purpose you can use “Tax saving MF” which comes under section 80C.

    Strictly no ULIPs as it usually has insurance+Savings+huge-admin-charges and of very little use.

  3. Start educating yourself. Without knowledge, you will always be at mercy of someone.

    Of course you are not expected to reach the depth of people like Mr. Subra (unless you choose this as your field) but atleast you will be able to differentiate a bullshit without tasting it.

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