Here are some questions: i have already answered them in earlier posts, hence just connecting..sadly wordpress is not working well…and I am not able to link it..please cut and paste the links on the browser and it should work…

1. Subra I agree that short term predicting of markets is difficult, but some of these mutual fund schemes have given 20% return over 25 years…will they not give 20-30% returns over the next 25 years?

Will Equity Give the best returns?

2. I do not want too much returns, but over the next 25 years, by picking direct equities in good companies like L&T can I not get 6-7% p.a. MORE than the index?

Equity returns depend on timing!

3. I have about Rs. 20,000 pm to invest. I cannot afford a financial planner, do I really need one?Can I use websites like yours and…(name deleted) instead of using a financial planner? Is a planner charging say Rs. 8k per annum as good as a planner charging 20k?

Financial Planner – do you need one at all?

4. I am doing a course in Forex trading – I paid US $ 3000 for it. They say they will GIVE me money to play in the Forex markets so that I learn properly, is it a good course?

Doctors losing money in Equity Markets…a story


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