‘I do not need medical insurance, my company gives it to me’ – an often heard comment. The medical insurance salesman is not a very high profile guy – typically he can fill your form, may not understand too much about ‘exceptions’…and in all probability accept this stupid argument.

However when somebody tells me this (no I am not an agent for New India Assurance, but I keep pushing this company) I laugh.

Last week in a financial planning meet I asked two questions:

If your company decides to withdraw medical cover for your parents above the age of 70, what will you do?

If your company decides to withdraw medical cover for your parents, what will you do?

If at age 45 you change jobs and go to a company which does not have medical cover what will you do?

If you decide to quit your job on 31st March and take up another job on 22nd April, will your heart know ‘I should not fail, till the new cover kicks in?’ well, my heart does not know.

So go and get yourself a medical insurance plan by yourself without worrying about or relaxing with the company given policy!

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  1. Hi Subra,
    I guess you would have seen so many cases and so many insurance companies. From your experience which company you would recommend for health insurance?

  2. personally I have a policy from New India Assurance…and have made a small claim on my car policy – and it was smooth. Medical plan not really tested over the past 10 years…

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