Teaching used to be a good profession and had a lot of respect…in the ancient times. Drona asked for a fee..and it was not negotiated. He was given a house, a seat in the ‘darbar’ and a lot of respect in the kingdom.

However we have come a long way. Kids respect their teachers only till the 3rd standard. After that parents tell them…’must not have got a clerical job in the government..that is why they are here…’ so kids have no respect for teachers. The parent feels he has a complex compared to the teacher…but he knows he earns more than the teacher 🙂

And teachers get cheated by their friends, students, etc…read on:


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  1. Subra,

    This attitude was prevalent even when I was studying in Ghatkopar. And yes, it was mainly the parents fault.


  2. does society know the price that they are paying for compensating teachers so badly? …just asking as Subra would say…

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