Is is possible for me to get the adulation, fame, success of a Sachin WITHOUT putting in the efforts, dedication, of Sachin? Besides of course, having the talent?

The answer seems to be damn simple, right?

However in the financial world people expect magic and there are some people promising that.

People do not wish to take a life insurance policy, pension plan, etc. Fine, does  not bother me, but hey how the hell do you expect to get a compensation for injuries, death, illness etc.? I mean reimbursement.

Or a pension once you retire?

Dammit, from where the hell will the money come?

Khulja Sim Sim. Go to the government. There are people like Mani Shankar Iyer and Jairam Ramesh who believe that the government should pay a pension to the masses. Fine. Then they want it indexed.

Do they realise the size of the box that they are planning to open?

The biggest time bomb that the Government of India is sitting on is clearly the indexed pension of the sons-in-law of the country. The sarkari babus. The amounts are HUGE * the numbers in millions. The pension payments and the interest payments on the already existing borrowings ALONE will ensure that we will be fighting over the next few years to fight the downgrade….read on

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  1. sarkari employees should not be allowed to vote.i mean do those who receive the spoils have any reason not to vote for more govt spending at the cost of the rest of us?

  2. @Pravin, Everyone should vote. Let those benefit vote for it, and those from whom it is taken vote against it. 🙂

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