Once in a while I meet a person in the real world or in the digital world who scares me no end. My examples are taken as tips and generic advice as personal financial advice. You seriously need to have your head examined if you think this blog is an investment advisory. It is not, just once more clarifying in case you did not understand.

It is an attempt to provoke you into thinking (more on the Plato lines of making you think) rather than a place where you will get answers. It is a place where you will read about investments, investing, regulatory guffaws, baboo(n) interference in the market process, health, running, philosophy, etc. It is an attempt to tease you, urge you, push you into understanding simple but extremely powerful concepts like compounding, starting early, not interrupting the compounding process, etc. Obviously the only person responsible for content is I, me, myself and nobody else. I do not claim to be always right and if you do not like what you see, I will not be too worried that you do not come here again. Your call for sure. Yes I give examples of what I did in the market and real life. If you want to copy me fine. Get a time machine from H G Wells. If I bought MRF at Rs. 800 and was lucky to sell it at 39000, it does not mean you can buy it today for 50,000 and sell it in 10 years time at Rs. 20,00,000. I can only say ‘I do not know’. So the learning from Investment stories are for you to understand broad strategy.

This is true for my blog, facebook, Twitter..and even when you see my write an article for a few magazines/newspaper. When I say I think Value Discovery is a good fund, it does not mean you should invest. When I say ZYX brokerage is growing it does not mean you should open an account there. Mentions, tweets, and retweets are not ENDORSEMENT. Sure some people do think as plants, please, be my guest.

I am not trying to sell anything to anybody here so this is not an attempt to ‘make you invest’ in a way that I make money. My money making activity – i.e. Training is not dependent on this blog. I sell advertising space – but that is via Google and Google does not tell me that I should write ‘ULIPs will give 39% p.a. return’ . I am not likely to take money for writing – hey that is my call. I am no paragon of virtue so one day if you read something which looks like a plant, please feel disgusted. My attempts to being honest can one day be broken – and being vigilant is YOUR responsibility, not mine.

I am not here to tell you that mutual funds are better than ULIP or the reverse. Currently more marketing money is being spent on ULIP sales rather than on MF sales – and you know that is obvious, right? I am not here to tell you you should invest in mutual funds or in direct equity. Or in PPF. It is your call. You need to understand your own investment caps.

If not please do some research. . To get individualized investing / tax/ legal advice, you need to do your own homework or else hire a financial advisor, a tax professional, or a lawyer to do it for you.

None of my best efforts to be honest, sensible, interesting and trustworthy exempt you from YOUR DUTIES to treat what I say with the same skepticism you should treat anyone’s WRITING / TALKING about investing.

I wish you good luck!

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  1. It is an attempt to provoke you into thinking (more on the Plato lines of making you think)

    What you mentioned was the Socrates school of thought.
    Plato just rambled in his dialogues…Ah..well…makes sense now.

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