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Welcome to my blog!

Hi I started my blog in Jan 2008 – so it is now 54 months old. Not some iconic passage of time! In the beginning there used to be 10-12 readers, now there are about 5k regularly and once in a while it peaks to 15000. This is normally because of some link by yahoo […]

Making the world a little greener…

Isha foundation is doing a lot of good work in the fields of education, girl child, and environment. One of their projects is a tree planting program..and for as little as Rs. 50 you can ‘sponsor’ a tree… here.. in case you wish to give for education, you can do so here:     […]

What to write….

The worst thing about writing a blog and trying to be original everyday is a quick realisation that you cannot! Frankly there are only 140 pages that you need to write in personal finance. Beyond that it is re writing. Like if you have read Bhagavatham, Ramayana and Mahabharatha ….you have really captured all the […]

One single purpose of the blog….

A friend called in to say ‘Subra even if one reader can start saying “I s…..d up and have made investment mistakes’ instead of saying the following: a. my aunt is an agent so I took a policy b. my father asked me to buy a house c. my relationship manager CHURNED my mutual fund […]

missed a post today!

i do a post a day for sure…today I missed it, an absolutely no clue why. actually i have 10-20 posts already done and a date put on them…just missed 3.april. i was attending a bhoomi poojan of a builder friend…so did not check the blog too… anyway the bhoomi pooja was good… Post Footer […]

I am impressed!

A couple of days ago I did a post about ‘skewed rental market’…. and there were many comments. The one I liked best was by a guy named Sanjay Sood. He said “Mr Subra is just misguiding whole generation. No one can gurantee return in any market, may be equity or real estate, Our market […]


I really cannot say why I run this blog. But here the following are NOT the reasons: 1. I have no retail product other than this blog (and the ad revenues are so pathetic that I will not miss it if it goes away). 2. Dealing with retail is very, very, very tough for people […]