I got scared when somebody came of Facebook and said ‘Subra said Life style creep should not happen’.

HEY that is now what I said.

A financial planner or a blogger cannot decide what you should do in YOUR life. As a blogger / financial calculator provider I can only tell you the financial implications of each.

1. Should you pay Rs. 45 lakhs capitation fees for your daughter’s medical seat?

2. Should you bear the Rs. 94 lakhs cost of your son’s foreign education? or should he borrow?

3. Should you pay for your wife’s brother’s office purchase?

These are NOT questions that a financial planner can/ should answer. It is the job of the planner / blogger to tell you the IMPLICATIONS of the same.

The implications of anything financial could be:

– you will have lesser amount for your old age.

– you have no financial management skills, so playing a conservative game makes more sense.

– children generally respect a bank’s loan more than a parent’s loan

-own old age corpus is more important than the expense on children’s requirements

– if you have poor fund management skills, you will need a greater corpus than a guy with better fund management skills

– a parent with very successful children needs to be less worried about his own corpus erosion than a guy who MAY have to support his grown up kids.

REMEMBER all this is generic. Not applicable to ONLY you. Generally applicable to you.

As a financial blogger, I can be holistic, all encompassing and generalising. It does not mean it is NOT applicable to you. It just means it is not something specific to you.

It is like if I were to run a food website, I might say ‘honey’ is good for health – and is better than white sugar. HOWEVER, if you have diabetes, it is YOUR CALL – honey is not exactly what the doctor ordered for you. You know your body, not me.


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  1. No wonder it is called “personal” finance. what is right for me may not be right for you

    but most blogs offer general advice but that is coming from specific experience of that blogger.

  2. Educating and Implications are available as options.
    Decision making is based on Person’s Risk profile and his Earnings growth.
    General advice and experience sharing provides insight on “What not to do which leads to failure?”

  3. subra sir and readers please guide me
    this question is on your insurance post

    i took 60 lakh online term with hdfc with no medical test taken 3-4 yrs back.
    in the last year i had 2 major surgeries

    since we have to disclose all medical information
    should i inform about the surgeries to life insurance company also?
    please tell me how to do

  4. While what you’ve stated is absolutely true, on the other hand, you’ve become some what of a “defense against the dark arts” for some of us.

    Would have preferred not to state this publicly, but here goes – When agents keep bugging us and all logic appears to fail, I tell them to contact my financial advisor on whose behest I am acting – and send them a link to your site! That pretty much ends all unnecessary conversations.

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