Jealousy, greed, envy. None of them is a new concept. These sentiments are as old as human civilisation.

If you read the news or watch real life news or read the newspapers you see the following:

– PARENTS selling children

– Husband selling off wife

– Son killing mother just to save medical expenses

– Siblings murdering each other

– Business partner murdering…

All these prima facie look like rage. It is not true at all. What is missing in ALL the cases?Let me list:

– the person has NOT been taught the virtue of patience

– the person is too much in an ‘entitlement’ mode?

– the typical male thinks he completely controls (owns) the women in his life – mother, sister, wife , daughter…

– the money implication of living beyond one’s means for a long period of time destroying family wealth is FAIR, the world owes me a living.

Almost all these actions have a cause and effect of destroying wealth. They also have a terrible impact on the people who live. In many a case the people who die seem to be the lucky ones.

Take the case of a widowed mother whose daughter kills her son. Suddenly for her, the son is dead and the daughter is in jail. She has no sources of income – and no place to live.

Are these cases a ‘Law and Order’ problem? The answer seems to be NO. These are clearly personal relationship problems, and completely financial problems.

The old saying ‘Jameen, Joru, Jaydad, …..’ IS TRUE. Most of these killings happen over land, inheritance, love, ….or a feeling of being wronged. As a personal financial adviser, really there is nothing much to say….

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  1. Awesome .. another master piece from Subra .. i have seen financial mistakes completely ruin the life of an otherwise peaceful n happy family ..

  2. Moral, Discipline, Mercy and Helping
    the above values are missing from our Educational Stream….our Education system just has only the Survival not living….Otherwise, the numbers will increase.
    Guru Kulam has all the things…

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