it is always difficult to make a pitch for the average reader. I have no clue who is the average reader of my blog is. I know that there are PhDs in finance, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering who read this..I know there are kids in class 10 who read

Yesterday I got 2 mails / comments one said

a. your blog is too simple and the second                                                       b. your blog is too complicated.

I could not agree more. This is like being asked to speak to school – and all the kids from class 1 to class X being the audience.

It is really difficult to address such a crowd because if I address the class V student (see misuse of average!!), the class 1 student will not understand anything, and the class X student will be bored.

How does one handle this? I know not.

But here is an honest attempt.

How to get rich?

Is this a fair starting point for any young person starting with life? I guess so.

Let us what makes us financially rich. Obviously it is the having of money. Money buys you security and a chance to do what you want rather than what you MUST.

How does one accumulate money over a long period of time?

That is right. LONG PERIOD OF TIME. Creating wealth in the short run is every man’s desire, but does not happen. Unless of course you are a successful film star or cricketer.

The steps are:

1. Earn a lot of money (beyond the scope of this blog!)

2. Manage your money well (hey! )

3. Learn about risk and protect yourself from risk

4. Have the wisdom to know that getting 8% from Public Provident fund is easy, and earning 12% from equity markets is BRILLIANT over a 40 year life period. It can make you seriously wealthy.

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  1. Subra

    The mail where it is told simple. Reply with your customary sarcasam.

    Simple things we always procrastinate.

    Implementing is far far important than knowing.

    You continue your good work.

    Don’t offer solution , make people think. That s truly awesome. But we people prefer former.

  2. Subra,

    Your blogs provokes me to go find answers, to question my decisions, to learn. You don’t give answers, but provides us with directions.
    Love your style of writing.

  3. Sir, pl. Continue what you have been doing all this time. Whatever little have been learnt, is because of people like you. Thanks.

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