I started out in 2007/8 writing this blog. It has been more challenging than publishing a book(s). Now after about 4000 odd articles I realize that I have written about everything that I know (or I think I know). Frankly there is nothing NEW that I can write, I can only hash and rehash.

People do not go and read my articles of 2008, so I can repost or rehash.

After that what? and i refuse to bite the porn bit of saying “Best 10 funds in India now” or stuff like that.

I refuse to do product reviews or even fund manager reviews or fund manager interviews.

I know good fund managers under management pressure to buy shit.

I know good fund houses with corrupt fund managers.

I just do not have enough energy to pursue such stories. Just do not care. I invest in 3 fund houses, now planning to add a fourth one, but not keen on saying which fund house – at least till 2017. Only after I have moved MY OWN money and experimenting.

I am a direct equity guy – because I know my temperament. I need to know a human being well if I have to recommend an equity portfolio. I am too choosy and picky, so dare not do it as a profession. At least not once again. I did it from 1988 to 2001 – that is long enough.

I still do a lot of training – happy to increase the quantum of course – and also have a lot of time to write. Training and meeting people to get their portfolios right is a great amount of stuff to write about. So I have more psychological stuff, and all my analytical stuff is outsourced. So you will find very little mathematical stuff – like Deepak Shenoy’s blog or Pattu’s blog. Yes I write more theory and theory contradictions (which i see).

Seriously running out of topics. help!!

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  1. Please dont stop writing. Apart from finance i do like your articles on overall how to live life. The article to de clutter, alexander and health are my fav’s. You have a art of writing and should continue to do so. I did wrote similar comment yday but not sure why I cant see it now

  2. My science teacher used to ask us how do you move a chair from one point to another, children laugh and say we have to push it sir, to which he will reply that is the first law of Newton !!

    There is a uniqueness you bring to the conversations about money that pulls people in. There are others to do product reviews, interviews, stats etc.

    What is required is the psychological aspect of finance that you focus on which gets the message home in an understandable way.

    Thank you,

  3. I stumbled across your blog recently and am reading my way through the past posts. I enjoy the mythological stories and how they’re linked to real life. I would love to see more real life experiences, case studies, and posts on simple living. Many thanks for explaining personal finance so succinctly and pithily. Please don’t stop posting.

  4. Would like to suggest the following topics
    – Credit card – How to use them wisely as many of us are getting into debt trap
    – CIBIL scores – how important are they, how to improve the score and what to look for
    – As always, articles on health

  5. Sir please present some real-life finance stories of people you know – how they managed well and what did they mismanage

  6. Sir,

    Signs of retirement from writing this blog? Please don’t.

    You have been a fantastic financial guru for most of us with your unbiased posts.

    Both your personal and professional experiences make for compelling and enlightening posts.There is still a lot more for us to learn from you.

    Completely agree with views of Mr. Deepak. Real life case studies are greatest teachers!!

    Please continue to enlighten us!!

  7. Sir,

    This is one Financial website I have been reading for last 2 years and your ability to provide new interpretation to common day to day issues and its impact on our life are really great. I have read all your post and look forward to read more. I really liked the post on “A grandfathers letter to Grand son” and generally attitude towards money articles.

    Please continue, it really helps.

  8. Sir, Please write about Charlie Mungers Elementary worldly wisdom and latticework of mental models….theryby you can have around 50 topics to write on…. All in your perspective of looking at things..

  9. Sir,

    Please write a series post on the ways to identify a good stock. We do not want recommendations, just the method would help us in the initial phase.

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