Frankly I do not think there is anything written about the art of blogging. Yes there are tons of material on the science of blogging, but almost nothing on the art of blogging. When I started blogging, honestly,

  • I did not know why I was blogging
  • Clearly there was no goal of getting ‘6000 visitors a day by 2014’ or any such idea
  • I was sure that there was no business model to earn money from blogging
  • I was happy with nice comments, but could not bother about negative comments
  • I had not heard of SEO and the likes, and even now I have no clue how to make those things work
  • When I started writing for Moneycontrol, they taught me the importance of the heading
  • I had no clue that Google Ads would happen, and it was an accident

Having said all that I also realised that to be creative, brave and have a ‘I do not care attitude’ the following things are required:

  • Do not care about the approval of readers, students, family, friends, clients, bankers….
  • The best way of getting approval is by being indifferent to it
  • Having a honest approach
  • Refusing to have an edit policy..on the comments page
  • Constantly refusing others to write on my blog
  • I have made some exceptions but that was not for commercial reasons nor was it for somebody trying to get more hits
  • Refusing to do product reviews – if I thought that the 43rd Gold fund or the 112th Liquid fund have no need to exist!!
  • Not having a business model allowed me to be creative and not tied down to a particular format
  • Refusing to make rules (if there are rules it is in my head) is very important in a creative field
  • I know I can afford to be inconsistent even in my approach
  • This allows me to change my mind, if the facts change


Just some Friday morning holiday muse…


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  1. Subra,

    Over the years your blogging has been consistent and has become addictive for some of us.

    Persistence, like flowing water, can cut through rocks and mountains.

    Keep that fountain of fearless thoughts flowing so that many of are able drink deep of it to realise what muddy waters are out there in the financial markets and how difficult it is to navigate your life route with balance

  2. Paramjeet Singh Kabra

    keep it up Subra sir. Continue to rip people apart..and ask questions. It is our job to find the answers, I agree.

  3. Subra,
    Please keep enlightening our life through your financial and life teachings and many many thanks for this daily dose of your experiences and views, without which the day is incomplete.

  4. Subra sir , happy dushera

    i believe you, you are honest and direct
    you are really not trying to impress
    you write what you believe and what you will do
    your reader base connects to you as you are honest and direct

    keep up the good work

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