Basic Investment philosophy

Here I am putting in some of my own effort, and some copied from the masters. Remember there are some very holy but useless sounding right advice. If you do not know how to do, LEARN them if you wish to be a good investor: A. Know yourself before starting to invest: 1. What kind […]

Investments, Savings or Expense?

  Every cheque that you write is either an expense, savings or investments. Sadly not everybody knows the difference between the three. In fact todays plan includes telling you that there are 2 types of investment too! OOPS, right? Ok..when you go to a hotel and pay for the food, it is an expense. This […]

Financial tips for youngsters

Ok if you are reading this, it means you are young! Not sure how young, but let me assume that you are really young. It means you are still wondering who will pay for your higher education. You have just graduated and are wondering whether your parents can / should pay for your higher education. […]

Full disclosure to client…

  a hypothetical letter to my hypothetical client. Any similarity to something like this already written by somebody is a sheer accident. Hello Mr. Client, Sebi has vide its circular said I have to tell you all the earnings that I have from your account. I wish they had said that mutual fund houses should […]

Single person and estate planning

I know of a friend who is about 45 years old and he has NOBODY in the world. A single child, his father was also a single child. His mother was a rebel who did not keep in touch with anybody at all. Now after his parents death he has nobody at all. It is […]

Fantastic advise heard on the media…

– Markets are in a turmoil, you should be investing in ‘safe’ assets that give guaranteed returns like ppf, nsc, bank fixed deposits. – Do not sell all your equities, but do put some money in debt instruments, it is safe – Do not worry about sector specific investments, but the sectors to be avoided […]

Change to Long Term thinking

A thing looks expensive or inexpensive, healthy or unhealthy, good or bad – depends on the lens through which you look. Just change the lens from short term to long term lens, clarity comes on its own. Take a sweet for example. For the short term (30 seconds on the lips/tongue) it looks great, but […]