We represent the gen born in the 1960s and we know everything. Yes everything.

We represent banks, psu undertakings, life insurance companies, mutual funds,…and all the employers in India.

Here listen:

1. “We will recruit you and invest in training” – do not believe this. We expect you to hit the market running on Wednesday if you join on Monday. Never mind that your visiting card will be available next Monday. Never mind we got 5 weeks training before we were allowed to go to the market.

2. “When we were young, we were focused”: Complete bull. Most of us would have happily settled for less, but suddenly when we were dreaming in 1991, one sardar and one Mr. Rao opened up the country, the Sheikhs did not realise that we would have worked for Rs. 8000 a month. They paid us US $ 8000. We got lucky.

3. “When we were young life was tough”. Crap. We sold brokerage accounts at 2.5% brokerage, life insurance with 40% margin, mutual funds with 6% load. There were no bloggers confusing clients with stupid products like Term..so we sold ULIP.

4. “When we were young there was competition”: Only partially true. Since some of us were willing to travel to far away places like Vashi and Vapi life was easy. No salesman worth his salt would cross Bandra, Ghatkopar and Chembur. So those who crossed that made money.

5. “We had integrity and your generation lacks this”: We say this and then happily bribe, use software which may strictly speaking not legal, we commit crimes knowing we can buy our way through the system. However when we recruit we expect you to have integrity.

6. “Integrity you must have, BUT only towards the company”: If you can rip the client off an extra 40%, we will increase your Diwali bonus. We expect you to be lions with clients and lambs at home when it comes to your appraisal.

7. “You are good for nothing”-because you will not go beyond your duty and you will not pick up the phone on a Sunday afternoon. Such creeps. When I call you from the Golf course, we expect you to be at your work desk.

However, we will join the dots and say “ha this generation lacks focus”, they cannot speak, read, write or understand English. They are fun loving, not committed, fun loving (if it sounds like jealousy, it could be, I am not sure).

But kids rest assured, some company in China, Vietnam, South America, Canada or Brazil is looking for decent English speaking, trainable population. Keep your CVs ready.

One day when you are a CXO or a Vee Pee you will have to say “God does not make that kinda stuff anymore”. And write articles like this:


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  1. Hahahaha…had so much fun reading this…this is now officially the most Fab blog from u till date….such honest and sincere hypocrisy in the article…amazing !!!!

    My fav Hypocrite is no. 7 – My friend’s boss calls him on Saturday evening in drunk state and probably still drinking “Arey yeh xyz ke contract mai maine commission % kitna likha hai, check the papers on my desk and tell me”….my friends reaction (obviously phone muted)…”*&%#$#…commission tune nahi maine likha..%$@&%%….&@%#%”…….he waits for 2-3 mins, goes bottomssup (obviously we are also out and yes drunk too…n hypocrite too I guess)…”Sir, i checked its 21% just now checked from papers on your desk”…hangs up…”&#*#&$ saala” and we continue so does his boss.

  2. Yes, there are some problem areas in today’s graduating students, but the blame should be equally applied to the colleges we graduated from and the infrastructure available for overall development of the individual. And the author is trying to make the companies look like they are doing a favor by hiring young graduates, g* t* h**l!! who asked them to hire and bear the burden anyway. They hire since they cannot ask an American or a professional from any other country for that matter to stay awake any given night, work with off-shore at odd times, work on the weekends etc, etc….The guy who has written that article must surely have lost touch with reality!!

  3. Point no 1 reminds me of the last company I worked with (it is an MNC). I joined on a Thursday, went to meet the client the same afternoon. And my visiting card was printed one week before I left the company a year later

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