Clearly inspired by Aamir Khan’s program on doctors…

Sorry I do not have the reach of an Aamir..but would be happy if you write in with your problems.

I can assure you that the cxo of the company that cheated you will hear about it.

If it is a psu, please excuse me….i do not have the time, patience or money to deal with them…

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  1. @BharatShah

    You have a clear cut criminal case against that sub-broker. Please consult your lawyer and file a case against the relevant sub-broker in a criminal court. You might first have to file an FIR in a police station. But, based on whatever you’ve stated it is a clear case of ‘Breach of Trust with a criminal intent’ punishable under section 420 of crpc


  2. @vinay
    thank you for your advice. however as i stated to deal with indian police is difficult for a busy layman.i like to know whether it can be a case in consumer court. i think,if it is, it can be dealt with.

  3. @ anand

    Thanks for the reply.Cancellation request option was available online in april 2012.May be now they have removed it.After i mailed them that i have mad complaint with SEBI,Now they have cancelled my SIP based on my online request.I didnt give any offline request.

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