1. Nice article It has sound advice which I think is relevant to all married couples &especially parents of daughters of marriagable age.

  2. muthu krishnan v

    expenses of whose parents? the girls or the boys? 🙂

    what if the girls parents have no working children and implicitly depend on the SIL?

  3. anecdotal, but may not be out of place, subrabhai:

    I remember when I was in my lovely twenties (unlike hard-as-nails forties) once a prospective had finished the tea ceremony and assessed the family (elder parents and daughter-only),obvious
    net worth.

    He’d asked– what arrangement will you make for these oldies?

    If the SIl’s expect inheritance benefits, active involvement in taking care of the elders is a given. or should be.

    In Gujarati, we have a saying– taru maru sahiyaru, maru mara baap nu. Not translatable. 🙂

    That question ranks amongst the biggest lessons of my life.

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