Nice to see many many many articles, blogs, even legislation which are meant to ‘help’ the uninformed, poor investor. Let us look at the assumption of what these intellectuals and bureaucrats think about the behavior of the end investor:

1. The investor is rational: Fair assumption based on the Economics that they have been taught in school. In real life, he/she buys because –

a) HR has threatened to cut tax

b) Sister in law has become an agent for a life insurance company,

c) Feels good to say ‘See now we have a pension plan so our old age is taken care of’

d) Neighbor / Friend was buying something and he said ‘why don’t you also buy’ …

2. The Investor is sick and tired of the poorly performing ULIPs that he/she has bought. Fact is:

a) he has no clue about the IRR of the product

b) he has no clue that it is an investment, insurance or a pension plan

c) he loves his bank because they call him ‘Emperor’, ‘Platinum’, ‘Elite’

d) he bought it because his bank treated him to a dinner at a 5* hotel. Period.

3. The client wishes that he got unbiased advice. Fact is:

a) everybody who sells anything HAS to be biased by definition.

b) no planner will ever say ‘sir your life is too damn simple, you do not need a plan’

c) regulators and intellectuals assume that a qualified person will not cheat. Chuckle. Chuckle.

d) the client has no idea which product of his is comparable to which product

4. The client will benefit by dealing with qualified people who do not sell

a) Doctors do not sell. I rest my case.

b) Trust comes from the relationship, not from the degree

c) Financial planners will behave well and be self regulated is a great myth.

d) Clients will take 10 years to know the difference between an agent and an adviser.

5. Lots of qualified people will take to being an adviser instead of a distributor:


a) youngsters in the business are more FORCED into distribution, not by choice

b) as new banks come into being more jobs will be created for selling – so desperation will be less

c) Much easier to sell a 61% commission product instead of trying to argue for a Rs. 20,000 fee

d) Agents vs Distributors difference is zilch in the current structure

More will follow soon…



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  1. Subra Sir,

    The item 5-c sort of screws up nearly every body.

    also by the time a person knows if adviser is good or bad, the damage has all ready complete. paradox of good advisory….

  2. Subra all this is fine..but what is the use of all this gyan? When I ask you whether you will hold my hand and help me plan my finances FOR A FEE…you always say no. I do not like some other website which does it..- i feel it is biased.

    So what choice do I and my wife have? I do not have time to do a PhD in finance before I start investing….

  3. S Kumar,

    The problem is, you most probably won’t be able to pay the fee !! So this left us with only one choice, learn and know your own finance. There is no shortcut.

    And in case you are able to pay a fee, there are many PMS services available for High Networth peoples.

  4. India has achieved another rare distinction as an arm under PMEAC finds that the high growth India is witnessing is actually achieved without the corresponding growth in the number of new jobs. This is very new and actually not achieved anywhere else in the world. This is a new record. Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh etc can be proud.

    For the sceptics we suggest still we have huge openings in real estate broking business as it seems that is the only business thriving in the country with the active support of Government, RBI, Public Sector banks and Corporates.

    1. After completing high schools students straight away join to street corner real estate agent to finish training
    2. Every year 20% appreciation will be there and so the mango people to buy assets, so it is permanent job
    3. The margin is huge and can make easy money and unaccounted too

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