Reader has asked a very valid question:

“Subra all this is fine..but what is the use of all this gyan? When I ask you whether you will hold my hand and help me plan my finances FOR A FEE…you always say no. I do not like some other websites which does it..- i feel it is biased.

So what choice do I and my wife have? I do not have time to do a PhD in finance before I start investing….”

Sorry I do not have an answer. I am not too keen to sell to strangers. Personal financial planning is really PERSONAL. It is almost impossible (for me) to make it a scalable business. Yes I can do some adhoc advisory, or a strategic level planning. I am not keen on scaling up – except in the form of more lectures and blogging.

No I am not keen on writing another book, unless I get a publisher who is interested in good quality content. But yes blogging will happen. About 5-8000 people will read it in a day.

At some time in the future will again keep wondering what to do…but scaling up while maintaining independence AND quality looks like a challenge.

But do keep asking. Never know when what happens, right? lol…

Please appreciate the value of websites who have no other motive – it is a difficult model to sustain, so some day out of sheer boredom I might just go under. Not not in the immediate future…but i like it when i get such mails…


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  1. India has achieved another rare distinction as an arm under PMEAC finds that the high growth India is witnessing is actually achieved without the corresponding growth in the number of new jobs. This is very new and actually not achieved anywhere else in the world. This is a new record. Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh etc can be proud.

    For the sceptics we suggest still we have huge openings in real estate broking business as it seems that is the only business thriving in the country with the active support of Government, RBI, Public Sector banks and Corporates.

    1. After completing high schools students straight away join to street corner real estate agent to finish training
    2. Every year 20% appreciation will be there and so the mango people to buy assets, so it is permanent job
    3. The margin is huge and can make easy money and unaccounted too

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