Ripley’s believe it or not…

I meet people in the ‘well-off’ cadre. I mean people earning not less than Rs. 3L per month cannot be called ‘not doing well’ correct? Some of the things that I tell them, is impossible to believe. Not sure HOW many of you will even believe this (Subra do not think you know everything and […]

Will they pay my claim?

This is the one and only question that should be uppermost in your minds when you buy an insurance product. Does not matter whether it is life insurance, health insurance or auto insurance. Let us deal with each one of them. Take life insurance. When I checked the premium for a 28 year old wanting […]

Barclays pays a fine!

Hey the agency model is NOT working. Well it is not working as it was intended to at least. A group of people start a bank. They work in the bank. Then they appoint employees to work there. They appoint qualified people. These people are supposed to be moral, ethical, ….etc. These people cheat. They […]

Satyameva Jayate!

  I liked the 3 farmers who came on Satyameva Jayate and said “for my family I grow vegetables and fruits separately. For commercial farming I use pesticides. Products look good, but have a lot of pesticides. Like the CxO of a life insurance company said: “I cannot be investing in Unit Linked Plans’” I […]

Your retirement it yourself

As the economy gets more open and more connected to the world, investing is becoming and will become more difficult. Once upon a time you bought a HUL, L&T, …(sorry I am saying all this with hindsight bias) and then hoped that life is easy. You joined the government services and were sure that at […]

Sahara vs Sebi

For all those people who feel that the regulator is not doing a good job, well, see what happens even when they do! Peerless, Sahara, and the likes are great Indian companies. No regulator, or government can ever say that they are doing anything wrong, but nobody is sure also. They can get a license […]

We need a market for viaticals…

Suppose you have bought a policy from one of the life insurance companies (classic endowment) and wish to surrender it, what do you do? Go to the life insurance company and say “i wish to surrender this plan please”. They then follow a very complicated path and tell you how much they will pay you. […]