Did you know that if you are dealing with a non psu bank, you are dealing with a foreign owned bank. India registered, oh yes, but foreign owned.

Did you know that airlines will soon be owned by foreign capitalists?

that the retail will soon be opened up for the Marks and Spencer?  and the like?

that the black and yellow taxi will be soon eliminated for large taxi companies – which will eventually be owned by the gora?

Indian textiles are today the raw material providers for the gora brands?

Amazing how we will be happy that the intermediary’s exit will be celebrated – the kirana shop will die. Now we will say ‘see it is far cheaper’. Correct. But when you realize that he is your neighbor, the question to ask is what will he do? Well he will (like you) work for a big gora brand.

Slowly we will see the death of the small bank, small brokerage houses, small taxis, …………….and then we will ask ‘why is the aum in the mutual fund industry slipping?’. Hmm hey these were the potential investors and they have been wiped out.

Amazing we will sell out of good companies, so your Hdfc will have 90% held by goras….

What is to be done?

Well, well, nothing. Really nothing.

Accept it. We are happy to let some one else rule us. We are not capable of doing anything on our own….have fun…

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  1. Subra sir

    Add to it that we don’t know how to labor fruitfully in 8 hrs in india, but sweat their balls out in the far off deserts for 12-16 hrs without even opening their mouth. Yes we just love to be RULED. Good day sir


  2. I agree. We are happy to let someone else rule us. Anyway, we have long lost our collective identity. So we do not trust each other anymore, and we have become alienated from each other (just look at the apathy in society towards the pain suffered by others). So whether a gora rules, or we rule, its the same. Atleast we feel that in theory, that the gora is less corrupt and will provide better administration and governance than our own babus! This feeling is not true (the gora is equally corrupt, if not more), but then who can argue with emotions and feelings.

  3. clearly,xenophobic paranoia doesnt go away even if you are a top notch financial advisor. i am so sorry to read such kind of ‘economic’ analysis on this blog.why is a gora buying hdfc any different from biharis owning shares in hdfc? that biharis are your neighbors? well that sort of tribalism panders to the basest of our emotions but it has no place in economic analysis.
    the milk and bread you buy daily passes thru the hands of thousands of anonymous people daily -are we worried if a gora or kala touched it? ofcourse not.the same principle applies to capital ownership.

  4. the only hope for India is “Aam Admi Party”. They have good vision for india. congress or BJP are of no use.

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