What should my lifestyle depend on?

A very good question which some of the more articulate kids ask me. A fair question too. Your father is a very successful professional, your mother is in a senior position with an MNC. Your wife’s parents have a business background and are very successful in a well established business. Should you save 50% of […]

dangerous lies taught regarding investements and life

There are such dangerous things that people write, tweet, sms or talk to me about, I keep wondering from where they learn it. I guess it must be from some of the teachers in school, college or worse business schools. If you learn wrong things about physics or chemistry you will learn quickly and will […]

How is your eating connected to your investing?

Is your investing similar to your eating? Let us see. If I were to call in a team of about 40 people into a class room and ask them a few questions…let us see what kind of answers we are likely to get. Then later on we will see why. 1. What kind of food […]

State of the market address…..

Subra, is this the best time to enter the market? Boys, girls, fathers, journos, readers everybody asks me this question, almost every day. Many want to see if I change from what I said the previous week, some to go home and laugh saying – see the market has come down ‘this guy knows nothing’, […]

Investment lessons from the masters!

Here is a Master Class of Investment Lessons…..I did this as a lecture for a few managers who communicate with HNI customers… Not necessarily in any particular order…you choose that yourself: 1. Write down an Investment Philosophy Statement like this: ¬†http://www.subramoney.com/2008/02/secret-of-successful-investing-philosophy-statement/ 2. Be clear about your financial goals – and understand that a market fall […]

Rbi : thematic study of banks

The Reserve Bank of India has just issued (I mean I just saw it at 9.30pm) a circular signed by its CGM – Alpana Killawala.   This says the investigation of the cobrapost.com episode (where they had showed bankers talking about money laundering) will be over by 31st March, 2013. Great. The investigation will exonerate […]

The US markets are booming!

Hey the US markets were booming in 2007 and it is booming again in 2013. Is there a take away? Is the 2013 boom the same as 2007? is there a learning to be had from the previous time? Well 2008 – the bad news about Europe was surely not in the price. The other […]