A very good question which some of the more articulate kids ask me.

A fair question too. Your father is a very successful professional, your mother is in a senior position with an MNC. Your wife’s parents have a business background and are very successful in a well established business.

Should you save 50% of your income? Or should you live it up – after all your parents are saving a ton and your inlaws are investing in a business which YOUR wife will inherit?

Frankly I do not have an answer. If your parents took you out for eating in 5* hotels, you had luxury cars and your marriage gift was a nice big house in a good location, YOU ARE already living beyond YOUR means – but well within the reach of your wealth.

Why should a kid with such nice privileges not think of CONTINUING the same standard of living that his parents have provided?

Well if the kid is well educated, earning well – and be able to maintain a similar lifestyle WITHOUT touching the corpus set up by dad, I think it is fine. To assume the same standard of living with a much LESSER earning – and earning potential is dangerous. In case of a fall out or some difference of opinion it could create a turmoil in both the lives.

Also if you do not have such a nice cushy background, should you be spending ALL your money in lifestyle expenses? Again I have strong views….hope you do not find it upsetting! Remember I had done an article saying ‘pay yourself first’


after that whatever lifestyle YOU wish to maintain is fine…..all the best…



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