If you had a heart attack or a paralytic attack, what would your family do? I am assuming that I am addressing the head of the family. Now if you are NOT the head of the family, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you know who all to call if there was such an emergency in your family?

2. Will you have about Rs. 50,000 to pay the hospital to at least get entry into the hospital?

3. Do you know where are your medical insurance papers, identity cards, name of the agent, etc. – you will need it when the admission process is going on.

4. Do you know which ambulance service / or which hospital to take the patient ?

5. Do you know the HR head’s number (assuming he is in service) if it is a big company?

6. Are there 3 phone numbers in your cell phone that YOU can call when there is such an emergency?

7. Do you / your husband have a Credit card with a limit of say Rs. 500,000 – so that you can charge a Rs. 500,000 slip and get admission into the hospital? You can replace this next day with a cheque for the necessary amount….

8. Do you have grown up children / younger brother / sister or good doctor friends who have to be informed about this?

9. Your parents may be also in a position that they have not prepared themselves for any emergency – first do yours and then help the do it, fast.

10. Do you have your neighbor’s cell number? If they are at work you may need to use their cell to contact them..

In short, how prepared are you FINANCIALLY and PHYSICALLY to handle the situation of  “what would you do if you died of a heart attack TONIGHT” ‘…..

hmm ……

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  1. Super thoughts. I need to prepare an emergency kit / booklet with “to do” list, photocopy of ID card, Insurance papers, emergency contact numbers including ambulance number etc.

  2. I have scanned all my document and uploaded them to google and sky drive…..and the docs shared with family members.

  3. Wonderful. Though we have medical insurance, my family will find it damn difficult to find out how to proceed. Coz, I have never shared these details.

    I have to do this.

  4. In US , even 3 year old child knows to call 911 and all is done .
    In India , you may be a very intelligent and smart Subra – but if you have an attack irrespective of your family knowing all this the chances of survival might be similar to that of a lottery – because human life has no value here .

  5. In India , everything will be an obstacle – insurance , hospital , ambulance , people , phone etc – only after these obstacles are cleared the most important entity the patient will be looked at i.e. in the last – unless you’re a VIP .

  6. pl keep list of ICEO, ICE1,ICE3 IN YOUR WIFE’ MOBILE..SO that in precious moments proper persons can be instanteously contacted… (ICE….IN CASE OF EMERGENCY)

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