There is Gen X which believes that the next generation – Gen Y – is the ‘entitlement generation’ . I have a slightly different view.

The Gen X has in many cases exploited their parents – right from looking after their children, using their services like a servant, occupying their houses – there has been no shortage at all.

So I want to first cover the Gen X’s exploitation. Not that I am passing a judgement, but it is only an observation. This is what I have seen:

1. One mother has complained to me about the back breaking work that she has to do in her daughter’s house. In exchange for food and shelter. And I can assure you it is in human.

2. Have seen one son screaming at his parents for CONSIDERING reverse mortgage. The parents were so shaken I could see terror in their eyes.

3. Have seen a nephew steal about  a few million rupees. The lady who was cheated was very agitated the first time when she found out. Then the next time she said ‘oh he said he will pay it back’ etc. I feel she was threatened – and hence the change of stance.

I am not willing to say one generation is good and one gen is bad. However I have seen Gen Y do the following:

1. Expect to get free boarding, lodging, and an ATM for educational expenses.

2. ‘Hey my dad has it, SO he should pay for my education, fun……’ – completely entitled ‘dada giri’.

3. Do a course spending a fortune and then have the guts to say ‘I want to drop out of the Animation course, I want to be a pilot’. The 1 million spent on the animation course is gone. Of course dad took the tab.

4. Seen one girl telling her dad “Look dad you spent Rs. X on each of my elder sister’s marriages…you have to spend at least that much on my marriage….I do not care that your business is now not doing so well’



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  2. I have known parents forcing gen x and gen y to be free loaders, just to message their inflated egos and controlling their lives instead of admitting loneliness and taking corrective measures.

    This has only made these free loaders lazy and as a right pile up on everyone.

  3. What about those parents who treat their children like ATM machines. I know somebody, who made debt free house for his parents and giving decent monthly allowance and parents complaining that money being given is not enough

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