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please keep learning …others are learning…

this post is partially repeated…there is a link at the bottom which is not a repeat… I am sure all of you know the cap seller and the monkey story. So why am I telling you the same story again? No this is not the same story, it has a twist. A capseller was looking […]

King and the servant…mind story

Once upon a time there was a king and he had a faithful slave. His slave would do everything for him and would go everywhere where the king went. He had so to say no own life – he was like the king’s shadow. The king loved him….and was also completely dependent on him. One […]

Stay away from risk!

There was a group of monkeys who had recently re-located and had a smart king. He had protected them from many dangers and was liked, feared and respected. In the new location there was a big lake – and looked inviting. However the king was smart and had warned them against it. He had told […]

3 unconnected stories – all important!

1st news item: Pawar hints at sugar decontrol. Sugar stocks go up. Amazing news item! Sugar decontrol is as difficult as fuel prices decontrol but the government will go ahead and do it. However all this thought will only be when sugar is in SURPLUS. When sugar is in surplus, many (if not most) sugar […]

Do they need life insurance: First Story

A few days ago I had given 3 interesting scenario with the question: ‘Do they need life insurance?’. Here is the answer to the first story. Am summarising the story for those who came in late…and those who do not wish to go searching for the story: Mr. Rajesh is a well off builder. His […]

Aesop Fable: Hare and the Tortoise: re-retold

This is a very, very old story and posted earlier, Now reposted, sorry! Kachua is an old client of mine – filled up SIP forms and keeps doing the SIP – now for almost 10 years. Kharghoshs were referred to me post 2008, in tears and in Red. Not sure how long they will last […]

Hen that lays Golden eggs…

I am sure all of you remember the very old story of a farmer who had a hen that laid golden eggs. For those of you who do not remember it…There was a farmer who had a hen that laid golden eggs. He used to be very happy to get a golden egg everyday – […]