There was a group of monkeys who had recently re-located and had a smart king. He had protected them from many dangers and was liked, feared and respected.

In the new location there was a big lake – and looked inviting. However the king was smart and had warned them against it. He had told them that there was a big black demon and his name was Riskasura.

The monkeys had to go a long distance to drink water, so one day one small monkey wished to drink water from the forbidden lake. A big black baboon remembered the king’s words and warned him against doing so. They went to the king and asked him. He said there is  Riskasura who lives there and he is dangerous. The king took all of them to the lake and loudly asked..’If I drink water from here…what will you do?”. Riskasura, the size of a mountain came there and said ‘I will eat whoever comes into the lake’. Only the smart baboons could see it, the other many monkeys could not see the asura.

The king said, Oh asura, we need the water, but cannot afford to lose our lives…but I have a solution’. He asked the monkeys to get many supple bamboo shoots. He connected them and put one end in the lake and sucked hard at the other end….suddenly there was a gush of water…and all the baboons and monkeys rejoiced..there was water for all!

Riskasura growled and screamed but could not do anything because the baboons kept far away from the lake but were enjoying the water. Some other animals which went directly to the lake..were killed by Riskasura.

Moral of the story the bamboo shoots, pulling the water instead of going into the lake are like investing in a mutual fund (like an index fund, SIP, etc.). These methods will provide for all your needs but not for your greed perhaps.

So if you do not have a smart king, if you do not have somebody who knows how to SIP (pun intended!) the water out you do not understand the powers of Riskasura. Some of us are good swimmers who got lucky. Some of us went into the water when riskasura was asleep (2003 to 2007). Now we may tell you that we knew how to handle Riskasura. Bull shit.

We got lucky. Some of us know it. Some of us admit it to ourselves. Some of us do not like to admit it, to ourselves and friends. Some of us are brave enough to admit it to the world.

Want to stay away from risk? Do a SIP in equities. Invest in the index – as a SIP….hopefully over a 10 year period you would have got a better return than PPF, and hopefully it would have beaten the index by a mile.

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  1. Mr.Subra – I’ve some doubts regarding copyrights and intellectual property relating to info. available in public domain.

    Though my query does not pertain to this particular post, I kindly request you to visit my home page or paste the below link.

    – it is a post on Muthu’s website (I have removed the hot link)

    As a ‘Pithamahar’ for budding bloggers like us, your advice would be very useful for future.

    I sincerely apologize for posting this here and I’m doing the same because I need your guidance.

    Fellow readers, kindly bear with me for this posting.

  2. Muthu,

    i have no clue on copyright laws. I have a very bright kid in our house who keeps looking at my blog – and telling me I am doing fine. In fact she was asking me to see if I can claim copyright for certain things, but I have not bothered too much.

    I have copied only from Valmiki and Vyasa – and they may not object :). Also the people who have objected may just be threatening you, but better to play safe. When I write some article based on what I have read in somebody else’s blog I normally give a link. It is normally a foreign site.

  3. Thank You Mr.Subra. I’ve received your ‘Retire Rich’ and have completed 2 chapters. Your ability to connect ‘Personal Finance’ to a common man is amazing. Hats off to you.

    From now on, as mentioned in my recent post, which you seem to advise also as a better option, I would provide the link too.

    As far as the web portal we are referring to, if they do not want me to use their free content (even if I give link at the end of the article), it’s fine. World is not going to stop with that.

  4. there are far, far, far superior sites – Indian and foreign. I do not think I have visited their site in the past 6-7 years, and have not missed much.

    Thanks for buying (easy part) and reading (hard part) the book :).

    Will publish your book review for sure..:)

  5. Valmiki, Vyasa, Jataka or Subra Tales need not be burdened with any patent, intellectual property right or copyright.

    Monetizing these tales by restricting access would only make us that much poorer.

  6. Copyrights came into being because the people who carried out those ‘discoveries’ or ‘inventions’ were highly insecure in nature and always wanted a ‘share’ of anything to do with THEIR work. India’s greatness has always been in our ancient texts which taught the way to live life and one of the tenets has been to spread knowledge, and that education is for life and not for living. We have had truly intellectual people who inhabited our land, who believed in all these principles. We still have such people in our country, who do not consider monetising every work that they do, because they are the ones who are truly knowledgeable and also humble.
    Carry on,Subra…..the maharshis will certainly not mind.

  7. patents and copyrights are bogus western ideals which have no basis in morality or indic philosophy.”intellectual” property is a misnomer -as unlike physical property,my usage of the “intellectual creation” doesnt diminish your ability to use it -which is the distinguishing feature of property.(strictly non ayn randian here).

    patents and copyrights can only be established by the brute force of the govt .james watt invented the steam engine and spent the rest of his life fighting in courts,preventing others from making improvements or coming up with the steam engine.what a colossal waste of human creativity

  8. I am surprised why my next book is not “Investment learning through stories” …LOL.

    i do a lot of story telling in all my classes. Sadly it cannot be arranged in a flow that is all.

    Nothing original though. If you read Hindu Mahasamudram, Bhagavatham, Hitopdesha, Jataka tales, Aesop fables, Ramayan and Mahabharatha – all sentiments like fear, greed, envy, fear of death, refusing to see the obvious,….are all covered. Now I am being inspired to ….ha ha ha…

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