Once upon a time there was a king and he had a faithful slave. His slave would do everything for him and would go everywhere where the king went. He had so to say no own life – he was like the king’s shadow. The king loved him….and was also completely dependent on him. One day in a very happy mood the king asked his slave ‘what can I give you that will make you happy?’.

The slave said…well nothing. But the king was insistent and said “I have to grant you something”. So the slave said “I have always wondered how it is to sit on the throne so please make me a king for ONE day…” He also added..if it was not possible, it was still all right. Now the king wanted to show how great he is and said ‘All right’.

So the king called all his cabinet ….and said “From today this slave of mine will be the king – and you guys dare not question him. Treat him exactly how you would treat me..listen to all that he says….”

The slave sat on the throne….and called a meeting….in the evening, he called the Chief of the Army…and had the real KING executed. He thus became a permanent king.

Well the story is philosophical….the slave is actually your mind, and if you cannot control it, it will control you.

However there was a company in Mumbai with a factory in Gujarat. It was in the business of making corrugated boxes. The Managing Director was well like my guru says..if there is nothing nice to say about him, say nothing. So we will say nothing. The chairman was a nice human being stuck in this lousy company. This company had borrowed from everybody including employees, consultants, auto drivers, apart from the great Indian financial institutions and a couple of government banks. Everybody was cheated – and obviously nobody got paid. It was perhaps a combination of incompetence and lack of respect for others time and efforts.

The financial institution told them…’form a new company and transfer all the assets, and the contracts to that company and this will help you from being attached by the Receiver’. It also warned the old owners ‘Please keep a safe distance – so that there is no nexus seen between you and the new company’.

So the management called one of their trusted managers and formed a new company…and made him the MD. Well the new MD would keep his eyes down, and be completely subservient to the OLD MD (who technically had no locus standi). Well in 3-4 months time the new MD had made a good relationship with the new ‘financers’ who ‘owned’ the company. Then he sacked the old MD by putting a notice on the gate – ‘Mr. S I and Mr. P ‘ should not be allowed in.

PS: No tears, no sorrow for the old MD and old Chairman please. They had earned the wrath of too many people whom they cheated – including you because they cheated 2 FIs and 2 psu banks (so we all lost as shareholders).

Moral of the story:There is no right way of doing a wrong thing.


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  1. Hi

    I am an engg and have 10 yrs work exp in S/W.
    I am really interested in finance and would like to do some further studies on the same.

    Can you give me some suggestions?
    I do not intend to leave my job and wasn’t sure if Correspondence MBA is finance is the right way to go.

    Any advice?


  2. This is really scary… I have a feeling this is not quite uncommon! can we have the name of the old and new company? 🙂

  3. I liked
    Well the story is philosophical….the slave is actually your mind, and if you cannot control it, it will control you.

    🙂 thanks

  4. Subra
    Any prize for guessing ? > i get it hands down. Unfortunate and frustrating that the legal system has no actionable remedy.

  5. ha ha ha mahesh…we all lost money with those SOBs…and lots of time also, we will remember it for the next 300 years..immaterial of how long we live in this birth 🙂

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