I am sure all of you remember the very old story of a farmer who had a hen that laid golden eggs. For those of you who do not remember it…There was a farmer who had a hen that laid golden eggs. He used to be very happy to get a golden egg everyday – he would have become very rich.

However, one day he got greedy and he thought he could get all the eggs, if he killed the hen…obviously he found nothing.

One farmer named Lalit Modi suddenly hit upon a Golden Egg laying Hen called IPL. In the first year he made money. In the second year he made less money because the hen had to be taken to South Africa for some treatment.

In the third year he wanted to show off. Show off to his wife, girlfriend, son, stepson, brother…You see money has a stupid habit of looking big or small depending on with whom you are standing :). So in order to show off he wanted more. When he told people that this hen lays golden eggs, they did not believe it. In order to make the believe he needed to give eggs to everybody.

So he formed a queue to give the golden eggs. He saw the queue and was happy. There were some Ministers and their beautiful friends in the queue. He consulted his old friend, philosopher, guide and the owner of a full hen farm. He said it is all right to ignore a Central Cabinet Minister if he is not really big. Then Mr. Modi took on other powers to be. Many of them felt that the eggs were not golden, but just a golden covering. However Mr. Modi Tweeted that it was all gold.

Suddenly there were press reports. Close matches were scrutinized. Somebody asked how can a team which made 225 make only 98 in a match?

So there was more scrutiny. Suddenly the King’s Revenue Minister wanted to look at all the gold. After all one of the persons who was hurt was his friend in the King’s cabinet.

So suddenly the Hen was admitted in the hospital. Mr. Modi was advised to take complete rest – bird flu did not have a clue, he was told.

Last heard of Mr. Modi’s boss was thinking of culling all birds. Sad for Mr. Modi he has been last seen taking a second opinion.

Mr. Ravindra: Any resemblance this article has to IPL is purely a coincidence.

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  1. Subra

    Your blog must be made a regular column in any daily news paper on lines of ” Mallice towards …..” of great Papaji Kushwant

  2. Dr. Pawar constantly needs loose cannon balls to test his guns on the Congress. LM could be one such cannon ball to see how the Congress reacts to shelling on their Cabinet Ministers. If you remember Dr. Pawar is the earliest doctor who experimented with a ‘1/3rd displacement, so cannot disqualify theory’ and in the current congress mood, he will be able to find a cure for bird flu of LM. LM will be back with full vigor before the next season. Tharoor or no Tharoor. LM would not have come out of his room on Friday without Dr. Pawar’s certificate.

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