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American Lifestyle

Sadly there is not enough research on the financial behavior of Indians. On the other hand there is a lot of research in the US about American earning, spending and investing pattern. It is NOT possible to just do a cut n paste of the American behavior patterns, and THEREFORE one cannot just accept the […]

The airline story…

The airline business makes money only for the aircraft manufacturers, airports, food suppliers…rarely for the airline. This post is about the attitude of the employees of Jet airways, Kingfisher and Air India. On my last trip when I was at the airport waiting to get into an aircraft…and could not find a newspaper..suddenly one of […]

Being prepared for risk….

A few days ago I did a post about risk….here are some solutions.. 1. If husband and wife are working in the same industry or worse in the same company, try to change the situation, NOW. 2. Take a stand alone or a floater MEDICAL INSURANCE¬† policy for say Rs. 3 lakhs for self and […]

Being prepared for risk!

Many of us pretend to understand risk and think we are fully prepared for it. Wrong. Most of us are hoping that since our parents did not face risk, we will not face risk. Let us look at some of the risk which we pretend will not happen to us, because so far it has […]

6 Important Rules for Retirees…and other Investors

There are some basic rules for investors and more importantly for Retirees: 1. What you do not understand, is not worth knowing: If a financial planner tells you ‘Sir, you do not understand this, I will explain it to you’ – please be IMPOLITE and ask him to …….. (unprintable!). NOBODY (repeat NOBODY) is interested […]

Just a scary thought!

My neighbor of many years had about 900 shares of Hdfc (pre split) so now he should be having 4500 shares. His portfolio was not too great, but this share somehow he listened to me and held on from 1980 onwards…so it had grown. He had a very ambitious broker – and my genius neighbor […]

Never Trust an employee – Nassim Taleb

One of Taleb’s quotes is ‘never trust an employee’ – I guess it includes commission agents, also. If you are not paying negotiated fees to an adviser, you are paying a pretty high fees in some other form that you cannot see. Here are the case of 2 employees (some coincidence they share a surname). […]