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Risk Management mistakes

There are various aspects of risk management, and it takes a book on risk to cover all aspects. Right now I am looking at some aspects of risk management that we ASSUME, and assume wrongly! To be able to manage risk, we should be able to predict EXACTLY what will happen in the future: far […]

Risks of unsolicited advice

“Subramoney I just visited your website it has great content but it has a very low Alexa ranking..and a poor design. It also could do well with SEO..I am a….” See the tone of this marketing offer? When I do sales training I tell people that the phone call (cold call?) is only, only, only […]

The one and scariest risk is….

If you are under 35 years of age, the ONLY risk that you should be worried is about your career. Wrong qualification, Wrong line, Wrong Country, Wrong Company, Wrong boss, Wrong technology – one bad choice and your life could take a downward spiral. This is the biggest risk for all of you. Do remember […]

The risks people take …..

It is amazing to see a person paranoid about risk in one field does not worry at all about risks in other aspects. Just narrating risks… one person handling IT security for a bank has entered into 2 really bad RE deals stuck without OC one doctor who smokes 20 cigarettes a day one very […]

Fear: You can conquer it!

Fear is one the primal feelings of man. The way fear acted on you when you were 12 years old and when you are 82 years old will be different of course. Some jobs / professions obviously have to deal MORE with fear than others. So an army man in combat or in the borders […]

Risk: Knowing how to handle it!

Risk is one of the least understood subjects in Investing. We all keep saying that it is the other side of returns and such vague statements, but there is no proof that we understand risk. Let us look at some myths regarding risk: 1. Risk Management means we must have an ability to SEE TOMORROW: […]

Risks, at this point in time….

Markets are never risky. Some of the shares are risky given their price. Risk varies with price, does it not? Let us see some of the risks at this point in time…. 1. We have been lulled into a very low interest rate regime in the world. We have no clue what will happen when […]