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Financial advice for about to weds or newly weds…

I have done quite a few posts on managing money jointly….so here is  one more… Here are some excellent tips…and has emerged out of a lot of experience of consulting, counselling, reading, skimming…etc. So, here we go: 1. Money is surely the root cause of all disputes: having too much, having too less, in what […]

The EMI trap!

Your daughter earns Rs. 44,612 per month as take home salary. You were initially very happy and proud about this. Then 3 months passed, you got her passbook updated, and noticed that she had a balance of 29, 643. You thought it was about Rs. 100,000 short 🙂 What happened? Well there was a phone, […]

Children’s attitude towards money!

Our children’s attitude towards money is largely fashioned by our attitude towards money. So if you and your wife fight about money, or argue about money or hide things from each other, rest assured your prince or princess is watching you. One needs to be very clear in the communication with the kids. Keeping an […]

Give Money to your adult kids?

This is a touchy topic! Should parents give money to adult kids? Let us say for the following: Buying a car Buying a house Higher education Marriage For an expensive vacation (expensive because the kid cannot afford it) I do have strong views on this. Everybody should learn to live within their means. If you […]

Loans to adult children and friends?

When you are doing well and have a nice surplus (and the world can see it!) there is a good chance that people come to you for help. Nothing wrong in their coming, and nothing wrong in your giving, however it is not easy. Let me give you a few examples: Mr. M an executive […]

Retirement or Children’s Education?

Some questions plaguing parents about money have been the following: 1. Should I delay my saving/ investing for retirement BECAUSE I am saving for my children’s education ? 2. Should I dip into my Retirement kitty to pay for my children’s education ? Sadly in the Indian context education is just a broad word I […]

Class of 2013: Confessions of an MBA school salesman

Hi kids of the graduating batch of 2013! There are certain things that I ‘forgot’ to tell you in 2011. It is also called ‘suppresso veri’ – well it is a legal language to mean ‘hiding of the truth’ but my job did not allow me to tell you the following. The following is also […]