Not that I know Mahesh Murthy personally – i guess he is just a click away, nor do I hate Arindam Ponytail Chaudhuri….but here is a nice interesting post…

I had got an application of a kid who had studied in the great college – and he had spent Rs. 1 million. The best job he was offered was paying him Rs. 1L per annum – about 2 years ago.

Not sure what happened to that kid…I could not help him…but just thought ‘how expensive’ – this kid is going to take 10 years to repay the loan..’Is the MBA degree worth it’?

surely NO for that kid atleast…so read on…


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  1. Here in south ppl are paying 10L as Admission fee (Donation) just to get engg seat in some reputed college. (fee for nxt 3 years is additional)

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