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Michhami Dukkadam…..

When you grow up in Ghatkopar and live there for 3/4ths of your life, most friends tend to be Jains. So over the next few days a lot of them will call me to say ‘Michhami Dukkadam’. And as is wont, I will repeat it. I am communicating far, far more on my blog than […]

let us do some charity too!

These are a few months of fasting, feasting and atonement. Once in a while it is nice to see above and tell HIM…thank you, you have given me a lot. Like a Jew would say ‘Dayenu’ (please Google to see what this wonderful Jewish prayer means – and read the translation, the physical  and the […]

Please do me a favor! Akshayapatra….

a friend runs a school for tribal people…this is Maharashtra… I once asked him ‘How are the students faring in the exam?’ He laughed and said ‘I do not really know….I am sure a 9 year old is walking 7 km to and fro to the school…because the food is good’ So true…reminded me of […]


Lots of people come into your life. They normally come for a reason (to teach you something), season or for life. Those who come for a short period can also come with a lot of intensity, teach and go away. Sometimes they leave happily, sometimes there is sadness – and in many cases they just […]

How to help….help like this!

Helping is a topic with which I have struggled at a philosophical level. It is easy to ‘help’ and say ‘I do not expect anything in return, but somewhere it hurts’ – a friend recently told me. Difficult to agree and difficult to disagree! If you do help somebody be clear why you are doing […]

Opportunity to help others!

Sunday ka philosophy quota….by the time you read this I would have finished running (people are so cruel, they call it walking when they see me!) the Standard Chartered Mumbai (half) Marthon,  2011…hopefully in good time… There is always an opportunity to help others – and you have no clue from where it can come. […]

The Art of Giving

Charity for me has always been charity related to kids, and preferably related to education. When i see organizations like akshayapatra, Isha Vidya, Aid India,..I am amazed at the kind of work that they do. It is humbling to see (for example) akshayapatra fed a million plus kids a day (million is just a statistic). […]