a friend runs a school for tribal people…this is Maharashtra…

I once asked him ‘How are the students faring in the exam?’ He laughed and said ‘I do not really know….I am sure a 9 year old is walking 7 km to and fro to the school…because the food is good’

So true…reminded me of Gandhiji’s comment “God dare not appear except in the form of Bread to the poor”.

Akshayapatra.org is a good place for all my friends who wish to do some good to society…and hey this is something ALL of you MUST do (sorry please is already there in the title na?)

http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/search – please go to this page on FB and vote for akshayapatra!

it cost you nothing..just a little effort…so please..

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  1. thanks Jagbir. This is a great organisation which feeds 1.2 million children a day…the world’s biggest feeding. It has been featured as case studies. Sadly big funding organisations in the world are run by a different community 🙂 So that kind of funding as needed is blocked by those #@$%^ . This organisation has its origin in Hare Krishna mission – and thus is head quartered in Bengaluru. You must visit it. A few friends donate regularly and it helps if more publicity is available. So I do a post every 5-6 months, write about it on FB….and a few nice people like you pick it up. Thanks once again.

  2. Akshayapathra is a huge mid-day meal program carried by ISCKON, Bangalore which had a lot of backing by people/employees working in Bangalore. In weekends I used to observe a huge line of vans infront of ISCKON temple donated by many corporates to it for akshyapatra program. Each van will have an MNC name on it which donated it.

    There are two more organisation in the chase giving program which work in India. You can vote these too as you have total 5 votes 🙂



  3. Dear All,

    Please note that Akshaypatra is NOT feeding the children for free. It is getting paid from government for the same !!! YES IT IS ACTUALLY A “CONTRACTOR” FOR GOVERNMENT !!!! just as a contractor of roads and power plants !!

    it does nothing for free. it is only the way in which this entire thing is projected… it seems that it is doing free !!!

    for more details type visit following link..

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