As a person gets more and more powerful he thinks he can get away with whatever he is doing. Not that he will do only correct things, but that nobody will be able to touch him or her.

In the olden days editors had a relationship with famous people and thus news items against them was hidden. So today we think that those people were great. Nehru, Indira Gandhi,…all of them would have failed the kinda media scrutiny that we have today!

For example Google has glitches…well such an article will not show up in a Google search. So it becomes necessry for people who read such articles to re publish that! S

Similarly the Prime Minister does not like the RTI. He is sucessfully stalling it in every stage. Bureaucrat should know how stall, right?

The great UID is a fantastic data gathering project! How it will be misused is still to be seen…read on..

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  1. Ravinder Makhaik

    Did read the link article – but the responses to UDAI and Adahar project are not very convincing other than the constitutional validity.

    It is too lopsided against the project without touching upon what the good side of it could be.

    Only after weighing the good with the bad would one be able to make an assessment whether project would do the country good or bad, irrespective of the constitutional validity mentioned.

  2. I have read many reviews in different articles about UDAI project.I think the upper class people are more worried than the common man.

  3. Ravinder Makhaik

    In India, establishing ones identity even for obtaining a gas or telephone connection is one of the most cumbersome process –

    I consider being identified with a number instead of a name may even someday dilute the thousands of years old rigid caste system.

    And definitely UDAI would prove more beneficial to the poor common man by providing a level playing field in a society obsessed with VIP and VVIP cultures.

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