Lots of people come into your life. They normally come for a reason (to teach you something), season or for life. Those who come for a short period can also come with a lot of intensity, teach and go away.

Sometimes they leave happily, sometimes there is sadness – and in many cases they just fade away. However, they all leave their teachings on our soul – and the imprint is there for sometime if not for all times.

Not sure how many people reading this post are aware of the Jewish prayers. Here is a fantastic portion of that. Just read it on a Sunday…hope you feel good. Dayenu is a great Jewish word…and hope you enjoy it. Learnt it when I was in school…I am surprised it became a post so late…it should have been posted much earlier.

This is dedicated to all people from whom I have learnt something:

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2 Responses to “Dayenu!”

  1. FINALLY! thanks for explaining…

  2. Suresh ‘Finally’? did not understand? i thought you had 20 years to go – according to your underwriter 🙂

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