Either the tolerance level is low for the kids I meet…or I have forgotten how a 24 year old thinks. Most of them are confident of getting new ‘jobs’ or are not too worried about sitting at home waiting for a job.

However I know of kids who have good jobs (my point of view) and still keep looking. This is largely because they are under some pressure to change jobs – many have been brain washed into believing ‘sales is not a place to be’ or some such b#$$%it in their head…

I could not have said it better…


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  1. Subra

    I always agree but there are exception This post is in align with owner perspective , but not other stakeholder perspective There is a saying Love your work but not company , you never know when it will stop , If it has to stop , it will stop always at the least expected time ( moore law) 🙂

  2. Hi Subra,

    I work in a IT firm.Recently some of my team members got poor ratings in yearly performance appraisal, in spite of decent performance. The manager gave good ratings to few guys ( near and dear ).Obviously there is no choice for the poor guys but to change project ( which is not possible ) or change company.

  3. Once working is no longer enjoyable in an company, it’s time to breathe fresh air..

    salary is only an trigger but other reasons like immediate manager might have already prepared to change the company

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