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Opportunity to help others!

Sunday ka philosophy quota….by the time you read this I would have finished running (people are so cruel, they call it walking when they see me!) the Standard Chartered Mumbai (half) Marthon,  2011…hopefully in good time… There is always an opportunity to help others – and you have no clue from where it can come. […]

The Art of Giving

Charity for me has always been charity related to kids, and preferably related to education. When i see organizations like akshayapatra, Isha Vidya, Aid India,..I am amazed at the kind of work that they do. It is humbling to see (for example) akshayapatra fed a million plus kids a day (million is just a statistic). […]

Helping others: You have a choice!

Oh! The Joy of Giving! The great Joy of Giving week! Recently the Joy of Giving week was celebrated..and everybody dug into their cupboards, wardrobes, shelves…and one can see a flow of things going from the people who have either outgrown it or cannot use it anymore. One thing though which can never be ‘second’ […]

Useful Information…please pass it on to somebody you know!

Hi, Just got this information from a reliable source to be passed on. …..I hope he has done the necessary research about the credibility… If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact […]

Charity out of waste?

One big fascination for me is ‘Charity’ – right from who does it, how, why, etc. Even at the philosophical level I keep asking people whether giving away something that you do not need is charity or not a charity! One friend uses all his points in his credit card usage (and that includes a […]

Akshayapatra – feeding India’s children

Akshayapatra ( is now a reasonably large organization. True to Gandhian values they believe that they should aim high, work high and talk less. One recent achievement is that they are now feeding upwards of a MILLION (11,86,206 if you are an accountant!) children everyday in some school in India. India, of course, has many […]