A few days back while watching a dance reality show on TV I saw a girl – whose name I am not sure – sounded like “Hart Kaur” (in fact it kept sounding like hard core). I just happened to stop on that channel and this girl was narrating what she saw in 1984. She saw a big group of people come into their area and kill her father and her grandfather. It was almost emotionless when she said it. She was a 5-year old kid. I felt sad and horribly guilty that we do not care enough.

None of the participants or judges had a dry eye. However nobody said “We have lived through Congress and BJP governments and no justice was done”. Shamelessly the same guys will now ask for votes. It is easy to say God will do justice. It is time that we sent emails, letters, wrote blogs about these spineless police officers who have learnt to grovel and politicians who will do nothing. Come on India, take charge.

However this girl cannot give ‘evidence’ because she may not be able to remember the names and faces, but surely her experience is etched in my memory.

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  1. first of all you should not be calling this a ‘riot’ at all. It was a cold blooded murder by politicians. On google you will find the role of Jagdish Tytler, Amitabh Bachan’s inflamatory remarks, HKL Bhagat, our great commerce minister (yes a member of the Sardar’s cabinet!) Kamal nath,…all you need to do is google. Let us call it by its Christian name – state sponsored mass murder of innocent people who do not even know why they were murdered. A whole generation after partition it got repeated with GOVERNMENTAL support. Of course some poetic justice Indira’s family say Sanjay killed in a plane crash, Indira by her bodyguards, Rajiv by a human bomb – AND THE FAMILY still sticks to power just to enjoy the ill gotten wealth.

  2. The thing with my fellow countrymen is that It doesn’t matter until and unless it affect ‘ME’.. The world may be burning on fire but till I don’t see my house on fire, aal is well, I would sit on my couch and do nothing.. And to top it Godhra happened after this.. Thinking about all of this, I know nothing can ever replace the stigma and the hurt that one feels apart from time but I think what should at least console one is an apology.. An apology from the people responsible, if not from them at least from the people who had the responsibility/power to stop it.The Katyn episode took decades for Russia,, hell even the aussies apologized to the Aboriginals. Its sad Man.. I don’t want to wish bad on any one but don’t these politicians, the police, the sycophants roaming around these people ever think of what they did or do they still think it was justified.
    But then I think since we are the lousy citizens of a lousy nation things are not going to change.. at least not in the near future with the way I see things are right now. Every 5 years we will go and vote for the same old crap from BJP, Congress, SP, BSP, DMK, CPI etc etc stupid parties.. Have we ever taken the time out to see what the candidate has actually proposed, how educated he is, what kind of a background he is coming from.. No we vote for him if he is from our stupid caste.. from my religion, from my area.. Damn this country is going to take time to grow up.. Enough of my rant here.. You know I believe Agent Smith was pretty right.. Man is a virus or in more explicit terms a social bltch.. Ahh I don’t know.. PS – I am agnostic.. I despise the caste system and feel sorry for people who follow it. I am going to cynical 🙁

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