These are a few months of fasting, feasting and atonement.

Once in a while it is nice to see above and tell HIM…thank you, you have given me a lot. Like a Jew would say ‘Dayenu’ (please Google to see what this wonderful Jewish prayer means – and read the translation, the physical  and the philosophical meaning of the same).

So just look at these kids – and see how they are thankful for one meal a day. I am ashamed I cannot even keep a fast – FULLY KNOWING WHERE MY NEXT MEAL WILL COME FROM…and these kids ARE forced to live on ONE meal a day…shame on myself for not doing ENOUGH to alleviate poverty in this country. So as usual here is a link…go and donate Rs 10, or 10,00,000 – after all every rupee counts, does it not?

By the time you read about all the kids….your eyes should be moist. If it is not, go for a heart check up.


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  1. dear Subra,

    I did a bit of my part. Will try to take bigger responsibilities soon here. Thank you for striking our hearts …

  2. Govt of TamilNadu has been doing this from MGR period…other Govt must follow that…hope Central govt will pass the orders soon…

    Nevertheless, i simply admire the way ISCON does this in Karnataka and their cleanliness they maintain in food preparing which actually drove me to contribute my bit..

  3. The birth of this was in Thirunelveli when CM Kamraj stopped at a railway crossing and asked a cowherd…’Why are you not going to school?’
    The boy said ‘Will the school feed me or will you feed me’…or something to this effect. That set him thinking and he started something…but it was MGR who gave a concrete plan to do it.

    Akshayapatra has made it into a fantastic working idea and has reached many states…but it is still a largely urban idea and has miles to go. So every rupee, dollar, dirham, pound, euro, yen will help…

  4. Thank you for reminding me. Always keep telling myself I should be doing my bit for society – but good intentions and road to hell stuff seemed to be SOP. Deciding which charity to contribute to – analysis paralysis.

    Starting today, have decided to contribute the cost of 1 child to Akshaya Patra every anniversary, birthday and festival we celebrate. A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step…

  5. thank u sg. Every drop counts. One can always take a view ‘What difference in the world will it make one child literate’. Look at it ‘What a world of difference it will make to that one kid’.

    A million thanks for the message. That one kid will bless you for the rest of her/ his life.

  6. Today Being Mothers Birthday ,a right day to start my contribution through Akshay Patra.Many thx Subra.Just Did

  7. what is with the ayn rand bashing? charity is just fine in a free market.rand is against forced charity -taxation

  8. Good one, Subra. This has been one of the things I have focussed on in 2011.

    Have been sporadic in making donations over the past few years but decided to formalize it this year by creating an SDP (Systematic Donation plan!) of 1% of income. 1% of your salary doesn’t materially deprive you of anything but is substantial enough to make a difference to someone out there!

  9. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Ayn Rand Bakhts or Objectivists like us have NO objection to private charity given out of your own free will.
    What we object is forced government “Charity” or make-work schemes like NREGA where the bulk of the money is looted by the bureaucrats and politicians.
    I hope I made our point very clear..
    Private free-willing charity — A resounding YES
    Government forced ” charity “– NO

  10. Dear Subra.

    Regular viewer of your blog. Why are you promoting akshaypatra??? I had written in one of my earlier replies to your article on charity,… seems that you have not read it…..
    To summarise: Akshaypatra is not doing for free whatever its doing!! its getting paid for it !!! yes from mine and yours tax money

  11. Absolutely correct probably the best use of OUR tax money. but than why is akshaypatra projecting itself that is is doing the same completely free !!!

  12. Dear Subra sir

    came across this article in the archives
    donated a small amount this month in the honour of Olympic medal winners

    will try to keep up the effort, as you rightly said ‘What difference in the world will it make one child literate’. Look at it ‘What a world of difference it will make to that one kid’.

    thanks for all your guidance

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