Charity for me has always been charity related to kids, and preferably related to education. When i see organizations like akshayapatra, Isha Vidya, Aid India,..I am amazed at the kind of work that they do. It is humbling to see (for example) akshayapatra fed a million plus kids a day (million is just a statistic). Similarly Isha Vidya (by the way I will be wearing their T-shirt in the coming Mumbai marathon on 16th jan, 2010) …

Similarly a friend (philosopher, guide, broker) runs a school near Mumbai…

here is another story of aidindia!

Chandra Anil is one such human being associated with one more children project…Please make a contribution especially if you like my blog! Even if you do not like me, do not like my blog, please make make sure that you visit the following site and make a decent contribution!

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  1. Subra Sir,

    Very good post. I believe everyone should donate atleast 1% of their earning to charity. I regularly donate to Mother Theresa’s association, Missionaries of Charity.


  2. right. The satisfaction comes from contributing back to society can’t be explained in words. I am also contributing regularly and managing tech team of Sneha Sparsh society ( which involved in providing eduction to underprivileged children in Delhi.

    Thanks Subra for writing such posts also, I hope many more people start contributing someway to deserving people/societies/orgs.

    – Jagbir

  3. i agree and salute Mr. Narayanan Krishnan for his dedication and contribution. he was recognized as one of the 10 heros of 2010 for his efforts by CNN. it’s worth reading his story and i’m sure it will definitely bring a change among the readers.

    asset building is not only amassing wealth but also constructing one’s character by contributing to such efforts.

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