The Journey: We saw that the path to retirement is narrow and treacherous. We trudge along – we need to repay student loans, buy cars, pay for kids education, parents hospitalization, mortgages,..while keeping the narrow path diligently. Friends and Relatives help us along, and sometimes try to distract us too. We need to be focused and walking constantly.

We need REST breaks, but not for too long. The human body loves to be in a state of rest. Inertia gets you, but rest is a must. It helps you come back with more vigor. So sometimes -a break in the Retirement journey is necessary. That second honey moon to Europe or Goa or Northeast which derailed your Retirement plan for 6 months will happen. Do not kill yourself over it. Like Gandhiji said “enjoying the journey is as important as enjoying the destination”.

The View: You have climbed the mountain. You have reached the amount of money you think you will require (remember the Jury is still out on whether it is sufficient!). Enjoy the scene at the top. The journey, as you know is half done.

Now start the descent! Reaching the summit was satisfying, and now you have to start the descent. It is a completely different process, is it not?

Your over enthusiasm should not increase your speed. Be careful of the slopes. Your back pack can be very heavy. Make sure that you do not fall. Do not rush it.

Learn how to relax. Remember coming down LOOKS easy. One wrong foot on loose gravy can bring you down. While climbing Mt. Everest lots of time is spent on just acclimatisation – or you cannot go on to the next stage. On the way down, you need to be just as careful. While climbing the Everest there are Sherpas who help you by carrying your baggage. In smaller climbs there are no helpers.

Sometimes you use the help of a planner. Many a times you are on your own.

Remember, it is YOUR retirement journey. Go, enjoy it.

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