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Top Retirement Questions

You and your spouse are contemplating retirement, what are the important things to do? Well let us start at the very beginning. Assuming that you are Doing It Yourself, or you have an adviser (but you are not sure of his competence) it is time that you take charge. First and Foremost go into a […]

Products to avoid for Retirement Planning

This is really a very brave post that I am attempting, caveat emptor. Buyer Beware. Clarification No. 1: the past is not a great indicator of the future. What happened in the past may / may not happen in the past, and the growth trajectories could be lower. For example the YTD on Nifty as […]

Get realistic about retirement

Most of us cannot predict about the future. Tautology? Prediction is always about the future, is it not? So a 30 year old thinks he is going to retire at 49 years and spend the next 20 years in the current home and die at a ripe old age of 70. A 55 year old […]

Debt instruments will not make you rich…

All of us must have some debt investments. At least that is what ‘asset allocation’ gurus will make you believe, so well, let us believe it. HOWEVER, when somebody comes to me and says “I live frugally and save all the money that I can and keep it in Fixed deposits, Public Provident fund, national […]

Simple retirement steps….

I speak for 2-4 hours on retirement, and I can tell you it is difficult to speak for 3 hours on retirement planning, because it is a simple topic and does not take so much time. Please understand being simple means – simple to understand. Not saying it is easy to do. So Retirement Planning […]

Scary Retirement Statistics

Look at it anyway the Retirement statistics coming from the USA are surely scary. We just do not have enough statistics about India, but if one were to collect the data, it would be just as scary. I keep getting data in some ad hoc manner and I have no clue whether that is the […]

Regrets of the Retiree

I meet a lot of people over the age of 55 – the time when people are looking forward to retirement. Invariably I ask them one question – what are your regrets in life..and the answer (financially speaking) is very interesting… 1. I wish I had done my own business: So many people feel that […]