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Retirement: A reminder…

Are you in Denial mode regarding your retirement financial needs? I cannot comment for every one, but too many people I meet are in denial about their financial needs for retirement. Most of us do not want to accept that we will buy 3-4 washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, maybe about 2-5 cars, at least […]

MAIN Impediments to your retirement plan

‘Sir I actually wish to save more, but am not able too – my current expenses are too high’ – a common refrain especially from those people earning EVEN Rs. 18L CTC. That set me wondering…so here is an article… We spend most of our money using electronic gadgets – online, credit cards, debit cards, […]

Stop telling these retirement lies to yourself…

What lies do we tell ourselves about our retirement plans? I have a pension by my employer: even assuming that you have a nice indexed pension from the government, be ready for the indexing vanishing in a few year’s time. Once the burden becomes too big the bureaucrats will find a way of reducing the […]

Retirement Questions that you MUST ask yourself

People who are planning their retirement (that means all of us including those who are retired) must ask themselves a few questions…let me enumerate a few: Is your retirement by choice or by force? If you are an employee the chances are that you will be forced to retire at the retirement age – which […]

Top Retirement Questions

You and your spouse are contemplating retirement, what are the important things to do? Well let us start at the very beginning. Assuming that you are Doing It Yourself, or you have an adviser (but you are not sure of his competence) it is time that you take charge. First and Foremost go into a […]

Products to avoid for Retirement Planning

This is really a very brave post that I am attempting, caveat emptor. Buyer Beware. Clarification No. 1: the past is not a great indicator of the future. What happened in the past may / may not happen in the past, and the growth trajectories could be lower. For example the YTD on Nifty as […]

Get realistic about retirement

Most of us cannot predict about the future. Tautology? Prediction is always about the future, is it not? So a 30 year old thinks he is going to retire at 49 years and spend the next 20 years in the current home and die at a ripe old age of 70. A 55 year old […]