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The Uncertainty Non Understanding !

I read an article a few years ago – 2 or 3 and that left a great impact. Let me do a copy paste of what is left in my head. It is an American article about Adviser’s perspective. I have seen Indian advisers too who are in a state of denial when I hit […]

Happiness as a goal!

When people talk to me about their finances they talk about ‘financial goals’. Sure, they are important but ‘earning more money’ cannot be a goal. ‘Being happy’ can be a goal. When I talk to people in the 55 to 72 years of age the most happiness that they have is when they travel with […]

Should I buy an annuity?

Many reasonably rich people come and ask me one question: Should I buy an annuity? My counter question is : Do you have enough money to afford an annuity? The answer is Yes…but it means I will leave less money for my annuity is such a poor yield..I can easily get 18% return on […]

I am retiring in 2020 do I need equities at all?

I’m in my early 50s and have about Rs. 1, 40,00,000 in savings. I tend to stick to bank FD, and PPF accounts, as I was scammed in the past. What’s the safest way for me to invest this money? I will be retiring in 2020, is this amount sufficient? My wife is a housewife, and […]

Managing Sequence of Return Risk : Retirement portfolio

I was talking about Sequence of Return Risk a few days ago to a bunch of new Retirees. Many of them had an adviser, and some of the retirees had no investment in anything other than debt instruments. Yes they had a variety of debt instruments – PPF, Senior citizens saving schemes, debt funds, bank […]

What are annuities?

Annuities can be seen as life insurance in reverse. In life insurance you keep paying a small amount of money to a life insurance company, and when you die your nominee gets a lumpsum. In annuity you pay a lumpsum from which the company pays you a fixed amount of money (or indexed) on a […]

Risky Investment strategies

You are a young 35 year old couple and are saving for multiple goals – being debt free, buying a bigger house, children’s education, being a reserve in case either parents run out of money, …etc. You sit down as a couple and are reviewing your portfolio, what do you exactly do? Lemme guess you […]