How Can You Get the Best Deal?

Try creating a group or a pool if you have a friends circle / professional circle (like BNI), or any such group. Even if 3-4 of you are buying a car together there is a chance that you will get a good deal. Of course you must have seen businessmen in Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, etc. get together and buy 100 Mercedes Benz cars. I also know of one such group who tried getting a big discount from Audi – but not sure about the end result. This is perhaps the best way – also try the time tested Diwali offer, staff discount (if your office can talk to a dealer) etc. Sometimes your bank can swing a deal – but this happens only and only with good personal PR.
How Long Should You Keep the Car?

I know people who have used their cars for 11 years as well as people who have used it for 22 months! There is no real hard and fast rule – it is after all a function of the car usage, depreciation, need for a newer and bigger car, ego, etc. However cars these days can clearly last up to 100,000 km without much hassle. So if you do travel about 20,000km a year, an ordinary car should last you for 5 years. However if you are only a casual user / weekend user your car can last you 10 years without any hassle.

How Can You Get the Most for Your Old Car?

The resale value of an old car is now dramatically low because of the introduction of low end cars like Nano. So using a car to its logical and physical end makes sense. Also it is easier to sell a car like an Indica – as a second hand vehicle because there are a lot of people who would want to use it as a private taxi. The higher end cars have to be got rid off earlier than the low end cars. However try some social / car websites – sometimes you could get a good deal. Of course if you have a friend who is looking for a bargain or a driver looking for a taxi side business that could be an opportunity too!


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  1. If somebody wants to buy a car, the best option would be to buy it from somebody who is leaving India. Usually you get good deals.
    Use it as long as you want and dispose it off.

    Car is off late basic need for many. Dont over spend and get into debt.

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