lies, lies and statistics…

As a rule, I do not watch television, but last week i watched the first 5-7 minutes of Satyameva Jayate – Aamir Khan’s new serial on Hero vs. Villain.

When I say Hero vs Villain I mean AK’s one sided show which has a HERO (AK) (whom you HAVE to support because even in your wildest dreams YOU cannot support the OTHER SIDE!!

This meant that AK had to create as a great an impact as possible.

So he started by saying “According to the statistics available with the government ….out of 100 people in the casualty ward of a hospital….40% are victims of domestic abuse…and according to another private research…the figure is 84%….Now let us not accept both, let us take the average as 60%….or let us say :

50% of the women in INDIA are victims of domestic abuse.

Awesome misuse of statistics, Mr. Aamir Khan. Congrats. Which means if I know 100 women, 50 are victims of domestic abuse.

From the casualty ward of a hospital as the reference base to the whole of India is a dramatic change…..did anybody else notice this?


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  1. ‘subra reader’ obviously you are a regular reader, but know nothing about web searches, esp on Google. Try searching for ‘Satyameva jayate’ and reaching Subramoney. There is a good chance it will be on page 15 of the search, and NOBODY goes till there!!

    Watching a program……… is not justified means what? Read all the comments, this comment is not about the program’s content, it is about mis using stats. Please understand the context b4 commenting.

  2. Subra,
    Half baked knowledge is sometimes dangerous. You watched it just for couple of minutes and came to conclusion. Totally unfair!

    @raja liked the comment and share the same opinion.
    @Mira D
    “I’ve stopped watching him after he took on my sector, pharmaceuticals.”
    HELLO!!! no sector belongs to any individual as we do not have 121 crore sectors for each individual in india.

    and “cheap generics from a garage manufacturer.” what does it mean?
    don’t throw stones in the air.

  3. Subrabhai: An anecdote that I must share. I’m diabetic/ hypertensive with good control and go to one of the best diabetologists in Mumbai.
    last visit my doc changed my prescription, the brand looked unfamiliar. when I googled the brand name it led to some unknown company… You know what? This doc has started his own tableting unit! What QC, what QA?

    Trupti: not throwing any stones– I stand by what I said. I am a qualified pharmacist with over 2 decades of experience. If you have specific questions, let me know. God bless you.

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