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Do you need a car?

  The normal question you expect to find in a personal finance website is ‘Decide on how to fund your car’..but let us go one step behind! In the last 6 months I have seen 3 kids getting a Nano to go to college. Luxury or Necessity? No comments. Reality. I have seen a person […]

Buying a car? Important steps…

Whether to buy a car, how to finance a car, what car to buy are all important steps while buying. So here is a list of things that you should do if you were to buy a car: 1. Do your homework: The internet has surely made it easier to compare cars, compare features, understand […]

Asset Replacement Fund

It was about 10 years ago that I suggested an asset replacement fund for a friend. He and his wife were just starting life and wanted to save/ invest in a scheme which would gather enough money to buy assets. Assets in this case were actually expenses (but we cheat ourselves by calling them assets). […]

stop getting ripped off…

  Every day I get mails, calls …or friends who say ‘a friend got this offer…’ Most of the deals on offer look and feel like a rip off. Sometimes a complete rip off. Let us look at some of them! ‘Sir you know ULIPs are bad and expensive, so our company has decided to […]

Compensatory Spending!

Last week I spent some time with a friend evaluating his portfolio. Like many of my friends he had started his SIPs about 10-12 years ago and had done well in his investing, simply by being disciplined, not arguing too much and letting the compounding go on! However, his wife did not know too much […]

Sensible spending…

Some people call it sensible spending or Conscious spending…well this is not a new concept, but a new way of looking at things. See how we spend money – normally it is on a reflex. Like ordering tea in a hotel – it is assumed all the people will have it. Tea may be a […]

An amazing story..

Here are the details of a couple …and they had an amazing story. I took their permission to share the story with you… He is 42 she is 37 years old. He works for a huge pharmaceutical company and earns well. Lots of cash, lots of goodies. His total savings as of now Rs. 8-9 […]