Learning happens only when there is no ego…I tell my students

When you come into a class, come like you are coming to the temple. If you see all temples, they have a LION and AN ELEPHANT image created at the entrance.

The lion is the symbol of power and the elephant is the symbol of wealth. Power and Wealth are normally the cause of ego. The message is ‘leave your ego outside and come to God’. Exactly how you approach learning…

Jagadguru Shankaracharya is an amazing Guru…and it is but natural to remember him on Gurupurnima day. Of course so is Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, Isha foundations Jaggi Vasudev…but this story is worth reading…

When Jagadguru Shankaracharya was asked why are you calling yourself a Jagadguru? Are you a guru to the world? He said, no the correct interpretation of Jagadguru is

the Jagad is my guru!

What he meant was ‘I am called Jagad guru because I try to learn from all that I see, observe, read….’ so the world (Jagad) is my guru…

It is really true. When you start teaching / try to teach you realise that there is a lot of learning.

From whom have I learnt?

from my teachers at school, college, training sessions, from authors that I have read, from blogs, from books, from white papers, from the students whom I teach, from my fellow trainers, from my customers, from my vendors, from people who sell to me, from my children, from my colleagues, from the kids in office, from the ……God help me complete the unending list!

One big international big ticket professor (who teaches in some of the best colleges) told me ‘True teaching happens only till class 3 or 4, after that teachers are busy OBSTRUCTING learning’. I hope I do not do that in my class (no i do not want feedback!!).

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