My talk in a doctor’s Investment Program – we call it “Wealth Prescription for Doctors is more on risk reduction. Obviously the ONLY products that I recommend are: 

one savings account – maybe 2

term insurance (when you increase your liability, you increase your term insurance)

credit cards – one or 2

Index funds

making a will.

When I talk about Index funds, I am often asked:

  • does Real Estate not give far higher returns?
  • my father bought real estate….now it is worth…!!
  • all fund houses have funds that out perform index funds
  • is Hdfc Top 200 (Franklin Bluechip, Birla….Reliance….) is that NOT  an index fund?
  • but we were told to invest in an equity fund is an equity fund not an index fund?
  • are all equity funds index funds?
  • my banker (broker) tells me timing the market gets far better returns do you agree?
  • I do FnO and did Rs. 794 crores turnover last year
  • I bought shares..and they have done very well
  • I have a practice of about X should I construct a hospital
  • I trade in shares and have made good money
  • I have lost money in FnO and now stay away from the markets


Well here are my responses –

  • I am here to teach basic alphabets, those who can write poetry will find it boring
  • Alphabets, words, sentences, prose and then poetry is the order of learning
  • what i teach is not as important as what you learn and IMPLEMENT after the class
  • the last 4 slides are the summary that you should take home from this session



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