Did / doing 3 training sessions for doctors in 3 locations – Nagpur, Indore and Pune. Doing this post because I hear somethings which are alarming…

  1. Doctors do not have to retire
  2. What if I find a share THAT ONLY GOES UP can I buy it for my portfolio
  3. I buy LIC policies for risk cover
  4. Should I take medical insurance at all?
  5. Why should I take term insurance at all?
  6. Why should I learn about finance
  7. Why is ULIP not enough as insurance?
  8. I have Real Estate which has done well – why is it not a good investment for my old age?
  9. Should I hire an Advisor or invest direct?
  10. Why should I invest through a mutual fund and not direct equity?
  11. I have an active agent – he makes changes in my portfolio EVERY YEAR
  12. Why are you suggesting passive funds? In India active funds are working are they not?
  13. Why are you suggesting Income fund over bank FD?
  14. …but Mutual funds are subject to market risk no?
  15. When I can get a bigger loan for a longer period why should I borrow less for a shorter period?

Sure doctors have a choice of how long they can / could work. Great. If your mind and physical fitness is assured, this is true. What if the doc WANTS to retire?

Or what if he is forced to retire? what f he can no longer hold a scalpel?

will attempt a detailed answer…and add more questions from what I hear in the next few lectures…

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  1. and then , on the other side , there are few doctors like me , you are following you without a single day miss , since last more than 5 years ….. !!!

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