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Lessons from some IFAs

My training takes me across the country and meet many IFAs. Of course I meet employees in banks, mutual fund, IFA, …and thus an amazing range of people. Here is a brief summary of some amazing learning… Obviously all of them started as Life Insurance agents – well most of them anyway They took to […]

Retirement and Unemployment

You are 55 and earning Rs. 1.4 crores CTC. All this has gone to your lifestyle. Nice big house, 2 cars, expensive servants, foreign trips for the family. In short, Majja ni life. You meet a financial planner who is stunned to see that you have a net worth not very far from your CTC. […]

Retirement costs that people ignore/ underestimate

Most people – including 34 year old bloggers underestimate the amount of money needed for retirement. This is also because they may not have seen anybody struggling with their finances in their 80s or even 70s. Lets look at some of them: Housing: In case you are living in a cold climate like Delhi, you […]

Investing more helps in 2 ways

You have heard many stories about why you should start saving early. Stories like Ram started saving at age 25 and Shyam started saving at age 35…etc. Here is another twist to the same story. When you start saving early – what is really benefiting for you is the power of ‘saving’ rather than the […]

Another city, another taxi

When you travel by GoAir they ask you to come 2 hours before the flight. They are right. You need to go. Their counters are so few and so over loaded that it takes an inordinately long time to check-in. Wait a minute…why can’t I Web check IN? Well for a good seat Go Air […]

Improving Investor Disclosure

SEBI actually does a good job of information disclosure for investors – IPO or a mutual fund. However being a regulator and with all the baboo(n)s running it obfuscation is the name of the game. Take a simple thing like “Past performance is not an indicator of future performance” – or something to this effect. […]