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I’ve NO money to save

Whenever I talk to people at various levels..they all say the same thing “I agree with you, but Subra I have no money to save, believe me”. Once upon a time I would get into an excel sheet, these days I just move on. “When the time comes, the Guru will find you” is my […]

two workshops: Mumbai and Bangalore….

Register here for the Mumbai Workshop   Register here for the Bangalore workshop on 19 June, 2017 for some more details read here Goal Based Investing: You Can be Rich too: Workshops   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

The Great Indian Dream…

Well this is based on an article I read about the Great American Dream….which includes buying a home. So does the Great Indian Dream. I keep getting how buying real estate is a great way to earn a lot of money. ┬áThe real question, is what percentage of home purchasers would have been better off […]

Investment Exercises

It is not being an investor for long periods of time and not get bored. Think of investing like running a marathon. Somewhere in the 19th km you are wondering why you did not sign up for 21km. Not just that your body is tired, it is that your mind is bored. Then think of […]

Evidence based living…

All doctors practice ‘evidence based medicine’. Well almost all. It is the basis for professional decision-making, and a focus of most journal articles that doctors read. Using solid evidence to practice good medicine has been a foundation of clinical practice for decades. Doctors who do not follow ‘evidence based medicine’ run the risk of malpractice […]

Goal Based Investing: You Can be Rich too: Workshops

Whenever I announce a workshop on Financial Planning in say Mumbai or Pune or Bengaluru….I am inundated with people asking me: When are you doing it in: Kolkatta, Chennai, Delhi, NCR, Baroda……………………… Honestly, I do not have an answer. It takes a lot of effort – for example the hall in Bengaluru wanted payment by […]

Returns depend on risk control!

Once you start investing, the most important thing to do is RISK CONTROL. It does not matter what returns you get, as long as you can control the risk, you will get good average returns – and that is what matters. Like Rahul Dravid, or Ricky Ponting. Both of them were great batsmen with an […]